5 Week Prosthetics Course

5 Weeks

5 Week Prosthetics Course

During this course you will learn everything you need to be able to make and apply a full prosthetic face makeup from start to finish. You will have artistic licence when it comes to creating your own character and learn how to work safely with the materials. You will also learn how to create silicone flat pieces which are brilliant for doing effective and efficient makeups on set. Finally you will get the chance to see your character come to life by learning to apply your prosthetics and understanding the different painting techniques that will give you the most effective finish. This is a fun and vibrant course bringing together creative artists.

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5 Week Prosthetics Course

5 week Prosthetics course. March 2015.

Week 1:

Day 1: Meet & Greet.

Day 2: Demo sculpt on the lifecast to show how to sculpt and blend sculpted edges.

Day 3: Students will sculpt up a flat piece like a scar, cut or something similar, they will mold the piece.

Week 2:

Day 1: The students will run their pieces in Pro gel 10 silicone, then demo a wound make up on
One of the students.

Day 2: the students will apply their wounds onto each other.

Day 3: the students will life-cast the front of their faces with Alginate. They will all get a plaster face out and clean up.

Week 3:

Day 1: they will start to sculpt up there make ups.

Day 2: students will finish their sculpts and float them off.

Day 3: students will make small core molds for their pieces. They’ll re-attach their sculpts and finish them off.

Week 4:

Day 1: The students will mold their sculpts in SG700 Ebalta.

Day 2: the students will run their pieces in silicone as well as their smaller pieces they made before.

Day 3: Extra day for running another set of pieces.

Week 5:

Day 1: Demo of a facial piece in both silicone, gelatine and Pro Bondo.

Day 2: The students will apply their pieces.

Day 3: Final day

On Completion of this Course you will receive a College Certificate.

Course Price = £2000 + VAT
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I feel I have become more confident in my work and started to build up a great portfolio. The school teaches professional skills, helping you gain a great understanding of different techniques throughout the make-up industry. The school is based in a great location, media city, where all the staff make you feel welcome.

Hannah Mather

Ex Student, Part Time Media Makeup Course