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Full-Time Media Makeup, Hair and Prosthetics Course

Level 3 Full Time Makeup Course


Professional Makeup Course

Our full-time makeup course really is the course to rival all others.

Covering all aspects of media makeup, including hair cutting, barbering and special effects makeup, you’ll graduate with all the skills you need to work in whichever part of the industry you desire. So whether you’ve always dreamed of working on the set of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or would rather work in fashion – we can get you on your way to launching your dream career.

We also try our best to encourage our students to participate in work experience to provide them with the confidence and experience they need in order to break into the industry.

But that’s not all – this year-long course will provide you with an internationally-recognised VTCT Certificate in Media Makeup, Hair & Prosthetics, meaning you’ll be a fully-qualified media makeup artist. Additionally, you’ll also get to take part in a professional photoshoot in our purpose-built studio at the end of your course to give you the chance to test out your new skills and provide you with some images for your makeup portfolio!

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also meet some amazing new people on the course and make some new friendships along the way – some of our ex-students have met some of their closest friends on our courses and had some great fun along the way!

So if you’re looking for a makeup course in Manchester, then this is the perfect course for you.

Course Dates & Info

Level 3 Qualification

Course Price

£10,200 + VAT
Long-Term Payment Plan Tailored to You

Course Information

Level 3 VTCT Qualification Included
On-Site Parking
Small Class Sizes

What's Included

Makeup Provided
Hair Block & Kit Provided
Makeup Brushes Included

Three Days Per Week

21st September 2020

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

10am – 5pm


Click on the modules below for more information.

Unit 1

Unit 1 Covers the Following Modules:

  • Basic Makeup
  • Application of Bases/powders/concealers etc
  • Eye Shapes, Eyebrows
  • Lip Shapes & Colours
  • Facial Contouring
  • Nude Looks
  • Beauty Makeup
  • Makeup for Men
  • Camouflage and Corrective Makeup
  • Health and safety
  • 20th Century Fashion Makeup for TV Film and Photographic
  • Fashion/Editorial Makeup
  • Looking at Lighting and Working on set
  • Smokey Eye Makeup Looks
  • Creative Makeup/Festival Makeup
  • High-Fashion and Catwalk Makeup
  • Colour Theory
  • Design Sheets
  • Portfolio Building
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Wedding Makeup
Unit 2

SFX Casualty effects and basic prosthetics


Applying basic materials such as directly applied wax, gelatine and silicone. Including colouring, and finishing.

Wounds using applied prosthetic pieces, both gelatine and silicone. Including colouring and blending for a realistic finish on camera.

Bruising, Illness, death and shock.

Skin disease, Bondo Scars, dirtying down.

Applying eye bags and old age stipple.

Making and Applying plastic bald caps.


Making flat moulds and running silicone pieces.

Body Painting Using all techniques including airbrushing, hard masking, stencilling, free handing, blending etc

Unit 3 & 4



Unit 3
Character Make-up for Theatre, film and TV


Makeup for men and women in theatre.

Contouring, old age and facial hair.

Blocking out eyebrows and changing eye shapes.

Unit 4

Hair styling, basic blow drying, curling straitening, rollers (wet and dry) pinning, backcombing, use of tools and equipment, use of products.

Plaiting of all kinds.

Hair styling for Bridal

Hair styling for TV and Film.

Catwalk and fashion Hair styling, including Avant Garde

UNIT 5 & 6


Unit 5
Applying wigs.
Getting hair prepared and ready for a wig. Learning how to do a cling film wrap and
measurements to have wigs made.
Applying 3/4 wigs, toupees, wefts and hairpieces.
Blocking wigs and general wig care.
Knotting and basic wig making techniques.
Prepping and measuring techniques.
Applying beards, moustaches, eyebrows, sideburns on face. Measurements for having facial
hair made. Fitting a lace beard, moustache, sideburns and eye brows.
Applying and removing hair extensions.

Unit 6
Period hair and make-up
20th Century and historic fashions of hair styling and makeup techniques including 1920’s-
1980’s 18th century, Egyptian, Edwardian, Grecian, etc
Period makeup for Theatre
Period makeup for TV and Film

UNIT 7, 8 & 9

Unit 7
Industry studies You will learn all about working on the set of a TV program or film, a photographic studio and theatre production. Working to briefs, mood boards, continuity, set etiquette and Script breakdown…


Unit 8

Portfolio building, assessments and test papers.

Portfolio You will work on professional models and with a professional photographer to create several different looks for a professional portfolio. These images will be invaluable when you leave college.

Unit 9

Basic cutting and Barbering

One length cut,

Box layers

Long layers

One length bob and graduated bob

Uniform Layers

Short Graduation

Basic Barbering



Health and safety.

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